Beautiful and reliable Hunter Douglas aluminum blinds in a kitchen

Green metal Venetian blinds in a home office


People today often refer to any style of horizontal window blinds as “Ventian blinds”. Most dictionaries define them as any covering for a window containing numerous horizontal slats made of metal, plastic or wood that can be turned in unison to various angles which block the light or allow more light to enter the room. They are lowered or raised by cords which pass through the slots of each individual slat, and neatly nest into each other as they are lifted


A primitive form of Venetian blinds was seen in Egypt and China in ancient times. Slats were made from Reeds and Bamboo. The Japanese invented a type of Venetian Blind also, but it is said that the Venetian Blind mechanism as we know it today was first created in Persia, and trading companies brought them to Venice, Italy where they became the rage throughout Europe. History shows that the early working models of Venetian Blinds were made of 2-inch wood slats that were suspended along cloth ribbons. In 1776, a British gentleman, Edward Beran, submitted a patent the for first Venetian Blind in London, England, and, an American, John Hampson of New Orleans, invented the device (still in use today) which allows the slats to change angles.The first commercial office building to use them was the RCA building in NYC in the early 1930’s. Venetian Blinds have become a standard window decor choice in The United States, and are still wildly popular today due to the plethora of choices in styles and colors. In 1946, Hunter Douglas invented the first light aluminum Venetian Blind

Hunter Douglas Parkland real wood blinds are an elegant choice

Parkland Classics series are 100% basswod for beauty and strength

Hunter Douglas has the finest window blinds on the market. The  three basic materials that make up their line  of horizontal blinds are wood, wood alternatives (“faux wood”) and metal.

They have the Modern Precious Metal series, that feature traditional aluminum blinds and are available in a wide variety of slat sizes and stylish colors. There are six models of aluminum blinds, Reveal, Macro, Natural Elements, Lightlines, Decor, and Celebrity. There are some useful variations to each of these models. We will bring out samples and our catalog when you make arrangements for an in-home demonstration

In their line of real wood blinds, they offer The Parkland series, which are 100% basswood with a naturally beautiful grain with an extensive array of options in slat size, styles, and paint and stain finishes. There are actually five models of Parkland blinds, Scenic, Classics, Textures, Weathered,  and Ash. With this amount of choice, you can be assured you’ll find the exact right model to compliment your cabinetry and furniture

In their alternative wood series, they feature the Everwood line, made from composite materials, yet have a very realistic grain pattern. One of the benefits of faux wood blinds is their ability to withstand heat and humidity, and are ideal for rooms subject to those conditions. Like other Hunter Douglas blinds, they come in creams and whites, as well as dark paints and stains.

Everwood Faux wood Venetian blinds come in creams and whites

The slats in this blind are made from high-quality polystyrene materials

All of these custom made horizontal blinds give you the option of choosing from a wide array of lifting systems, both manual and motorized, and we can help you choose the perfect fit for your home.

Hunter Douglas takes consumer safety very seriously, and all of their products are designed with enhanced child and pet safety in mind. They offer cordless and motorized operating systems, cord tensioners, retractable lift cords,  and wand controls. They have great warranties, and unsurpassed customer service.

Rod Ladman’s Window Designs are home decor experts, with 40 years of experience behind them. They treat their customers like family and guarantee complete satisfaction on all installations. Call us today and schedule an in home consultation. We would love to work with you!

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