If You Are Thinking About Having New Window Treatments Installed In Your Glen NH Home, Rod Ladman’s Window Designs Can be Your One Stop Shopping For All Your Window Covering Needs, From Sales To Installation

Rod Ladman, who has been in this business since 1976, explains, “I chose to work in this industry because I love helping people, creating beauty, and solving problems”. He must, because he has been in the home decorating and beautifying business for over 40 years!

Rod Ladman’s Window Designs supplies and installs a wide variety of window coverings from several American companies and installs only quality products which are built to last and come with great warranties. You get what you pay for, and the big box store products, while initially less expensive, will malfunctionn far earlier than the higher end lines. Rod sells every type of window covering on the market, and he is an authorized dealer for Hunter Douglas, which is arguably the highest quality window covering supplier in the country. He also sells and services Graber, Alta, J.Geiger, Horizons. Norman, Comfortex and more, so there are a ton of treatments to choose from.

Rod Ladman is a Somfy expert. Home automation and motorization of window treatments is one of our passions here at Rod Laman’s Window Designs. We can pair to your Phone, Nest, Google Home, Alexa, or Echo to your new solar screens, Honeycomb blinds or Roman blinds. Rod and his team can seamlessly integrate with other sophisticated whole-home automation systems as well. You will love what we can do for your Glen NH home. Check out this link to our Somfy Motorization page.

Rod’s business office is based in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, and he proudly serves his clients’ window treatment projects through out the state and occasionally out of state as well!

I rarely post comments on websites like this, but in this case, it is warranted. Rod Ladman’s excellent customer service deserves a special mention to anyone considering high-end/custom blinds. I’m a homeowner in the Lakes Region, and I first bought my Hunter Douglas motorized shades from Rod Ladman more than a decade ago. Rod did a professional job with the initial measuring and installation, as you might expect. Where Rod has distinguished himself, however, has been in his sustained level of excellent customer service AFTER THE SALE. Over the years, I have had very few instances when my Hunter Douglas blinds have needed services – only three, in fact. But when I have needed help, Rod has been responsive and timely in getting the blinds in great working order under the original warranty. I give him high marks, and I’m confident others will too.

Mark Poirier – NH

Here are just some the window treatments we can help you with:

    • Cellular Shades
    • Woven Wood Shades
    • Plantation Shutters
    • Custom-Made Curtains
    • Custom-Made Sheers
    • Custom-Made Roman Shades
    • Drapery Hardware
    • Window Blinds
    • Vertical Blinds
    • Venetian Blinds
    • Wooden Blinds
    • Window Shades
    • Roller Shades
    • Custom-Made Drapery
    • Faux Wood Blinds
    • Pleated Shades
    • Roman Shades
    • Solar Shades
    • Room-Darkening Shades
    • Custom-Made Valances
    • Custom-Made Cornices

Here are some pictures/descriptions on just some of our treatments: HUNTER DOUGLAS NH

If you are interested in drapes, curtains, and other “soft furnishings”, please see our sister site Draperies NH

Drapes and Curtains – Is there a difference between them?

While people use the terms Drapes and Curtains interchangably, they are, in reality, two different types of window treatment. So you may ask, “What are the differences between them exactly?” Let’s try break down Curtains versus Draperies, and how to choose the right one for your residence, Everyone will be impressed that you understand the difference!.

So, Curtains are sold by the panel or in pairs, and are generally installed over shades or blinds. They hang down from curtain rods, and they extend to the windowsill or to the floor, and are typically made from lighter materials, and they can be room darkening and even blackout. Drapes are created from thicker fabrics and have liners which help block out more light. Aesthetically, they are considered more of a formal window covering and they extend to, or even “puddle” at the floor.

Configurations of Curtains

With single panel curtains, each panel is made of from one piece of fabric. This is why they are considered ideal are for sliding glass doors.

With curtains that are “panel pair”, the material comes in matching pairs, which allows you to hang the 2 pieces of fabric on either side of a window. This configuration allows you to determine the amount of light you want to let in.

A window scarf is really designed more for decoration, They don’t block out any light, and they are draped over the curtain rod. They can be hung singly, or paired with panel pair curtains. They are often window sill length or they can extend down to the floor.

Liners are made primarily to block out the light and they are used in conjunction with a curtain. You can either hang them on a second curtain rod behind your curtains, or, if you wish, hook them to curtain rings and then attach them to the same curtain rod as your curtains.