Plantation Shutters in Meredith, Gilford, NH


What are Plantation Shutters?

A Plantation Shutter is a type of interior shutter that is both beautiful and practical. This style of window treatment is characterized by wider louvers (slats) than traditional shutters. There is both a decorative appeal and a practical appeal with Plantation Shutters, (originally named after the shutters used on Southern plantations), because they not only have a clean and classic look, but they are very effective at keeping out the hot sun.

In the 1950’s they became popular in California and were sometimes called “California Shutters”. They can have slats up to 3″ or 4″ and are chosen for their architectural appeal. Other shutters do not rotate and remained fixed. These can contain panels whose designs include raised, flat or recessed. Some shutters can be covered with fabric, and even on occasion have stained glass inserts

The Different Materials in our Plantation Shutters

Our line of Hunter Douglas Plantation Shutters are made with exceptional craftsmanship and have long-lasting finishes. They are manufactured from a versatile selection of woods and hybrid materials, as well as our own proprietary polysatin compound construction method.





Real Wood Plantation Shutters

Our Heritance line are plantation-style hardwood shutters that are made from real wood and feature dovetail construction. This assures that the shutter has maximum durability and strength. These shutters are available in a wide variety of stain and paint finishes (36 standard colors: 21 paints and 15 stains) and come  with standard hinged panels, bi-fold tracks, or bypass tracks. These shutters have a lifetime guarantee, and can be configured in many specialty shapes including arches and unusual angles. Some special applications include shutters for French doors, bay windows, cafe shutters, and corner windows



Hybrid Material Plantation Shutters

Our line of Newstyle Hybrid shutters are a shining example of the evolutionary trend in today’s shutters. They combine the great look of wood with the stability straightness and strength of modern-day materials. This combination creates a stunning new window covering which can fit well with any window in your home. The other exciting feature is that these hybrid shutters are value priced and come in at a lower cost than all wood shutters while still looking great. These shutters can be ordered with 2 1/2″, 3 1/2″, or 4 1/2″ elliptical louvers. Operating systems include both front-tilt and rear-tilt options



Polysatin Plantation Style Shutters

Our proprietary Palm Beach Polysatin Shutters are plantation-style shutters which are constructed with a compound that is UV resistant and is guaranteed not to discolor, chip, peel, crack, warp, or fade. These great shutters will not deteriorate even under conditions like extreme heat and moisture. Palm Beach Polysatin shutters are specially designed for  quick and easy installation by a Hunter Douglas certified installer.


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