Roman Shades in NH


A Roman shade is a window covering that is uniquely elegant in design, but still provides light control, privacy, and even temperature control like other types of window treatments used in modern home decor.

Romans are different from your standard window shade, in that they stack up evenly when being opened, with the still open section remaining smooth. They are generally made from flat pieces of material that fold up “accordion” style and are pulled up by a cord which raises the blind evenly. This cord mechanism that runs vertically on the outside of the unit is the standard method of opening the shade


Roman shades are available in several different styles. The “Classic” variety have a pleated design and create dimension and depth. The Looped style(also known as hobbled or waterfall ) have cascading folds

Flat Roman Shades

Flat Roman shades are the style you’ll want to choose if you enjoy patterns that are big and bold. These shades have one continuous piece of fabric, and hang flat in the window. There are no horizontal seams so the patterns remain uninterrupted while showcasing the colors of the material. The drape of this style shade remains smooth and creates a simple and casul look. The fabric panels are horizontally seamed about 8-10 inches apart and the pleating on the shade allows it to stack neatly, which gives it a more structured and tailored look. Sometimes, with light and delicate fabrics, the small stiches on the flat roman shade used to attach the cord rings may sometimes be noticeable on the front of the shade, but this is usually a minor concern. There are many fabric choices available, so you can be sure you’ll find a style of roman shade that will complement your decor. Wonderfully adaptive to a variety of home types, you’ll find that the best part of decorating with Roman shades is the great variety of materials available. These elegant Romans add amzing style and dimension to any window in your home.

Hobbled Roman shades

Often used as an alternative over traditional window drapery , hobbled  (also known as waterfall or teardrop)  shades feature cascading folds which ripple down the face of the fabric. This adds a soft finished look to your windows . Theyl  feature looped folds when lowered, and when raised, the center of the shade  bows slightly down as the sides are  lifted up. These shades make a fashion statement and this look of  casual chic  creates a soft and delicate aura in your home. These waterfall shades are ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and other areas of the home.

Roman Shades first appeared in the Roman Coliseum, keeping the dust and hot sun off the thousands of spectators who came to watch the events in this popular arena. Over time, decorative patterns were incorporated into these shades, and they were adapted for use in regular dwellings. They would eventually be seen adorning the windows of homes throughout this ancient metropolis., Today, the Roman Shade is a classic style of window treatment and widely admired by discriminating home owners for their elegance and rich beauty.

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Hobble style Roman Shade in a den


A closer look at the hobble style



Wood Roman Blinds with a Valance


Wide Flat style Roman Shade


Close up flat style shade structure


Purple/Gold batten back w/ Valance


Ultra-Glide cord system close up

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