Our expert and experienced Window Treatments installation team can have beautiful, high quality Hunter Douglas products beautifying your Enfield, NH home in no time flat!

curtain and valance in enfield nhAre you looking for Window Treatments for your Enfield, NH home? How about Blinds?, Drapes?, Shades?, Plantation Shutters? Look no further, our window design company is based in central NH and sells, installs, and repairs any kind of custom window decor (and we have been doing so for more than 40 years). Besides Hunter Douglas, we deal with multiple quality window decor companies like Graber, Norman, J.Geiger, Alta, Horizons, and Comfortex

Owner Rod Ladman has extensive experience installing high quality window treatments and takes  true pride in making sure the customer gets exactly what they are looking for- and guarantees that result 100% of the time- When you need advice, he’ll there. Working hand-in-hand with homeowners, his helpful suggestions  have resulted in many magnificent window display creations.

Over the many years, Rod has owned his own window treatment stores and he has worked with dozens of designers all across New England. There is just no substitute for dealing with a service provider who has seen it all and done it all. As an authorized Hunter Douglas dealer, he has access to their whole catalog. If you’re looking for one-of-a kind treatments. Rod has teamed up with designer and fabricator Karin Conn, (who also has decades of experience) and she can make any kind of soft furnishing you can imagine. Between them, they are a decorating powerhouse! To top it off, Rod was also a professional painter and wall coverings expert, so he has a good eye for tying a whole room together – you create the vision – they can make it happen

We not only service the greater Enfield, NH area, but also any town in Grafton, Merrimack, Carroll and Belknap counties (and beyond)

Here are just some of the window treatments we can help you with:

    • Window Blinds
    • Vertical Blinds
    • Venetian Blinds
    • Wooden Blinds
    • Window Shades
    • Roller Shades
    • Custom-Made Drapery
    • Faux Wood Blinds
    • Pleated Shades
    • Roman Shades
    • Solar Shades
    • Room-Darkening Shades
    • Custom-Made Valances
    • Custom-Made Cornices
    • Cellular Shades
    • Woven Wood Shades
    • Plantation Shutters
    • Custom-Made Curtains
    • Custom-Made Sheers
    • Custom-Made Roman Shades
    • Drapery Hardware
What’s Your Decor?

Window dressings often establish the overall look of a room. A good general rule is to match the style of the windowsheer curtains enfield nh treatments with the style of the interior. If the space is traditional. the curtains should be equally classical in their construction and fabric. Modern rooms call for up-to-date treatments, but like all rules, this one can be broken-or at least bent. The trick is knowing when to follow the established parameters and when to play against type. For that, you should analyze the room before you choose your curtains. Here are some ideas.

As you examine your space, you are going to take note of color, pattern, and texture. These are the most important elements used to coordinate window treatments with interiors. Colors an make windows eye-catching focal points or soothing backgrounds, depending on the effect you wish to achieve. Pattern can affect a room spatially, making it seem larger or smaller, depending on the scale of the design. The most subtle of the elements, texture adds depth to a setting by incorporating fabrics with matte, coarse, smooth, and glossy weaves. To pull all of these pieces together, you will need a designer’s sample board. This is an efficient way to combine-and edit out- fabrics in different colors, patterns, and textures. Doing this will help you select window coverings that add to the cohesiveness of the room’s design.

Window Treatment Colors

You can use warm colors and cool colors effectively to manipulate the way a window treatment is percieved. Because warm colors appear to advance, windows swathed in sunny hues seem closer together, making a room feel intimate.Conversely, cool tones and neutrals appear to recede and can be used to open up a smaller space. However, these color tricks can be employed more subtly. The less-intense version of a color will generally reduce its apparent tendency to advance or recede, Generally speaking, two contrasting colors, such as blue and orange, have the same impact as one dark color, reducing perceived space. Monochromatic schemes enlarge space, while neutrals of similar value make window treatments retreat. Keep these affects in mind when choosing a fabric color

Window Treatment Patterns

Fabric is one of the most popular ways to add pattern to a room. Because pattern is largely a vehicle for color, the same rules that guide the selection of color effectively narrow the field when it comes to selecting a pattern or compliment of patterns. The designer’s old friend “scale”, is the most important consideration when picking and mixing patterns

A large-scale pattern is like a warm color in that it appears to come towards you. It can create a lively and stimulating atmosphere and generally make a large space seem cozier. In a small space, handle a large scale pattern with care, or it can overpower the room. That doesn’t mean rule it out completely, but perhaps use it sparingly.A small scale pattern appears to recede, making a small space seem larger. In a large room the effect of a small pattern can be bland. From a distance it may read as a single color.If you’re using a small scale pattern on window treatments in a large space, pick one with vibrant colors