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40 years in the windows industryHaving been in the home improvement niche for over 40 years, Rod Ladman has installed both retractable awnings and window coverings in Plymouth, NH on multiple occasions. This article focuses on your options in choosing the right type of treatments for your home

When faced with decorating a new window, or redecorating an old window. there are several types of window treatments to choose from, and each one has unique features to compliment your window decor

Choosing the right type of window treatment for your windows will not only make them more functional, it can also make them more attractive. So if you’re looking to beautify your windows then here are just some of your options:

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Drapes are arguably the most stylish and most elegant window treatments that you can give to your windows. Although they may cost more than window shades and blinds, they make up for it by giving your window that classic appeal.

There’s also the fact that drapes come in a plethora of different colors, fabrics and patterns, and they work quite well if you want to give your windows that old world charm.


Shades are one of the cheapest and most practical window treatments out there. These products are not only designed to keep out heat and sunlight, are also used to beautify the windows themselves, and at Rod Ladman’s Window Designs we have endless choices.

There are several types of shades on the market There are, for example, roman shades, which are continuous pieces of fabric that have neat horizontal folds and act much like drapery. Another type is the cellular shade, which insulates against the cold in winter, as well as preventing heat from entering a room on a hot summer’s day. Solar shades are another category of shades that both enhance your home’s decor and offer insulating functionality


Window shutters are generally made from wood or even composite material. These treatments can serve as a secondary layer to the windows on which they are attached. Also, unlike other window coverings, window shutters can help protect your windows from strong winds and sharp debris.Traditionally considered to add value to your home


Window blinds are another classic window covering, and there are plenty of variants to choose from. Blinds are not only easy to use, they also offer great protection against heat, dust and sunlight.

Examples of blinds include wooden blinds, faux wood blinds, panel track (vertical) blinds, Venetian blinds, mini-blinds, and for those of you who have small, compact windows, velux blinds.

An interesting side note on light control….

Not all window “treatments” refer to those attractive material products that surround your window. Some “treatments” refer to altering (treating)the glass itself. One good example is frosted glass, which is created by sandblasting clear sheet glass. This causes the glass to scatter incoming light, which in turn blurs images on both sides of the window while still transmitting light. Another glass treatment is known as smart glass which will actually change color and opacity when voltage, light or heat is applied. This light control solution is generally seen in commercial buildings where controlling the light can save save thousands of dollars in energy costs over the years. Of course you have stained glass, but that has very limited application in residential homes

If you want to see the best in window treatment products available today, call Rod Ladmans Window Designs at (603)455-6094 and schedule a no-cost, no-obligation in-home consultation today. You’ll be surprised by all the products we carry.Besides Hunter Douglas, we carry Graber, Alta, Horizons, J.Geiger, and Comfortex. (taose samples will keep you busy for a while)

We have partnered with a skilled artisan and fabricator who creates beautiful custom-made soft furnishings in her workroom. This gives our customers the unique ability to choose from either the standard catalog of Hunter Douglas products, or opt for unique, one of a kind treatments that are created from your vision

Looking primarily for creative and unique custom-made designs for drapes, curtains, valances, and other kinds of soft furnishings? Please taks a look at our sister site, Draperies NH

Our window coverings include the following, and most of these products can be easily motorized:

    • Window Blinds
    • Vertical Blinds
    • Venetian Blinds
    • Wooden Blinds
    • Window Shades
    • Roller Shades
    • Custom-Made Drapery
    • Faux Wood Blinds
    • Pleated Shades
    • Roman Shades
    • Solar Shades
    • Room-Darkening Shades
    • Custom-Made Valances
    • Custom-Made Cornices
    • Cellular Shades
    • Woven Wood Shades
    • Plantation Shutters
    • Custom-Made Curtains
    • Custom-Made Sheers
    • Custom-Made Roman Shades
    • Drapery Hardware

We will always be happy to come out to your Plymouth NH home for a free consultation and a free measuring. We are low key people. There is never a sales pitch or any kind of pressure to buy. Our high-quality products truly sell themselves. We hope to hear from you!