When Residents Of Strafford NH Want High Quality Window Treatments And Unsurpassed Experience And Customer Service, They Turn To Rod Ladman’s Window Designs.

Rod Ladman’s Window Designs is based in The Lakes Region of NH. They are dealers for several top-of-the-line vertical blinds installed in strafford nhwindow treatments who service Strafford, NH and all of Strafford county. They are also a authorized Hunter Douglas Dealer with over 40 years in the interior decorating and window treatment space and have filing cabinets full of
orders from satisfied customers. They sell, install, and repair all Hunter Douglas products, and guarantee complete customer satisfaction when they do a job.If You’re interested in other brands beside Hunter Douglas, they are also dealers for other quality companies like Graber, Alta, J.Geiger, Horizons, and more!

They offer every kind of window decor, both in-stock catalog items and custom-made soft furnishings. They have their own talented and experienced fabricator, and in her workroom, she can produce any kind of custom made window treatments you would need. Bottom line, she can create whatever your imagination can conceive . Drapes, Roman Shades, Curtains, Valances et al.

Workrooms are where dreams are born. Karin, their in-house fabricator, has many inspiring stories about the wonderful creations that were one-of-a kind projects done in collaboration with the vision of the homeowner. In today’s world, where there are a plethora of styles, fabrics, colors, and everything else to choose from, homeowners offer need the advice and expertise of someone like Karin.

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Their main product supplier, Hunter Douglas has been a long-time innovator in the window treatments industry. solar shades installed in merrimack county nhThey are committed to a high standard of safety, and, in fact, sell many products that are cordless and child-proof. Dependability and Quality only two of their mantras, and customers really need to see these products in person to fully appreciate their superior quality. Make an appointment for an consultation at your residence today, and They will show you the incredible choice of great window treatments you’ll have in beautifying your Strafford, NH home.
Most of the products below can easily be motorized which is the ultimate in convenience. Our window treatments include:

    • Window Blinds
    • Vertical Blinds
    • Venetian Blinds
    • Wooden Blinds
    • Window Shades
    • Roller Shades
    • Custom-Made Drapery
    • Faux Wood Blinds
    • Pleated Shades
    • Roman Shades
    • Solar Shades
    • Room-Darkening Shades
    • Custom-Made Valances
    • Custom-Made Cornices
    • Cellular Shades
    • Woven Wood Shades
    • Plantation Shutters
    • Custom-Made Curtains
    • Custom-Made Sheers
    • Custom-Made Roman Shades
    • Drapery Hardware

…and let’s not leave out the world of decorative accents we can make for you, which include Duvet Covers, Shams, Tufted Coverlets, Bed Skirts, Pillowcases, as well as Table accessories like Table Cloths, Runners, Placemats, etc. Whatever you need, we can do it!

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All About Curtain Lengths

The curtain length influences the style of the treatment. A sill-length curtain has a casual air; drapery that falls to the floor connotes elegance. Curtain lengths also affect activity in the area near a window. Are the windows close to a breakfast table? If so, shorter curtains are less intrusive and leave clearance around the table. IS there a heat source underneath the window? Curtains should never touch or block a radiator, heat vent, or heating unit. If the treatment hung on a glazed door? Make sure it doesn’t block the opening.
Curtain lengths can camouflage window problems, too. Is the window awkwardly shaped? Or is there an architectural flaw that you would like to conceal? A floor-length treatment, hung above the window frame, can help disguise the problem.

In some rooms, particularly bedrooms, windows may be different widths and lengths. If this is the case, plan the largest window treatment first. Dress the remaining windows in a scaled-down version of this treatment. For visual unity, install all upper hardware at the same height.

In general, a window treatment looks best when it falls in line with the sill or floor. The most common lengths for drapery are sill, below sill, floor, and puddled. As the description implies, a sill-length curtain skims the windowsill. Favored for horizontal windows, it can start from the top of the window to the sill or, when café style, from the middle of the window to the sill. A curtain at this length is typically easy to operate, so it is a good choice for a window that will be opened and closed often.

The below-sill length falls at least 4 inches beneath the window frame so that it covers the apron, the horizontal board that runs under the sill. If the curtain is too far below the sill, however, it looks awkward and unfinished. A sill-length panel, too, can be used for café or three quarter curtains, and it can cover up an unattractive window frame. It generally looks best on picture windows and above window seats.

A floor-length curtain makes a strong visual statement. Make sure that the curtain is only ½ inch above the floor curtains installed in strafford countybecause, like a hem that’s too high on pants, floor length treatments that fall short can suffer the “floods.” (In humid areas, however, the curtain can be an inch off the floor to allow for the rise and fall of the fabric.) If you install layered drapery, the inner curtain can be ¼ to ½ inch shorter that the outer curtain. To avoid seeing the back of the heading from the outside, add 4 inches to the curtain’s length so that it hangs above the window frame. This length works well with double-hung windows, bay windows, sliding glass doors, and tall, narrow openings, such as French doors.

Puddling is the term used for a floor-length curtain with an extra allowance of fabric that is arranged into a soft pouf (the puddle) on the floor. This is a dramatic length that falls 6 to 8 inches onto the floor. Particularly appropriate for floor-to-ceiling windows, puddling has some drawbacks. A puddled curtain often needs adjustment, as it can be easily disarranged. Also, it isn’t the right choice for high-traffic aisles or doorways, because the extra fabric can block the function of a door or cause someone to trip.

How To Dress A Curtain

strafford nh wooden blindsTo make the folds fall evenly, train the curtains by tying them back for 48 hours or more. This is a process known as dressing the curtain and results in drapery that holds its shape and hangs well. To start, draw the drapery into the stack-back position. Fix the pleats and gaps in the heading until you are pleased with the arrangement.

If the treatment is hanging below a curtain rod, position the gaps to fold toward the back; if the curtain hangs in the front of the rod or pole, the gaps will fold forward. Smooth each pleat from the heading downward as far as possible. Then work from the bottom upward, gathering the pleats together. With a strip of fabric, make a loose tie just below the heading to hold the pleats in place. Make another midway down the curtain, smoothing the pleats as you go. Follow with a tie by the hemline. The ties should be tight enough to hold the fabric but not so tight as to mark it. Next, steam the curtains gently, using a steam iron or a hand-held steamer. You may need a ladder to reach the top of the fabric, as well as a friend to hold the curtains while you fasten the ties. Leave the curtains undisturbed for a couple of days before removing the ties.